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УATOLLФ Modular Floating Platforms

“ATOLL” Modular Floating Platforms – Your Personal Constructor
Nowadays the most crucial problem all over the world is lack of territories for carrying out economical activity, high cost of its developing and lots maintenance in the subsequent period of exploitation. The consequence of economical activity is ecosystem destruction. As a result Ц continuous talks on ecological topics and huge finance investments into its reestablishment.
One of the mechanisms of territory broadening without damaging the nature is utilization of modular floating platforms on the tanks.
Any forms and functionality are possible due to a modular principle of construction forming and its assemblage easiness.

Major variants of utilization:
- floating work platforms, rafts, crossings, temporary bridges.
- berths for water-ski, row and yacht kinds of sport, ships of small size.
- comfortable beaches for bathing and underwater swimming.
- grounds for holding sport events.
- fish-wells and etc.

- possibility of easy assemblage and dismantling without using cranes and assistance of specially trained employees.
- allows to considerably broaden the territory of comfortable coastal strip.
- possibility to create swimming-pools of various depth with clean water.
- allows to organize original (from the viewpoint of campers) places for beach entertainments (cafes, discos, diving, stops for hydrocycles, beach bicycles, gliding and etc.)
- highly strong environmentally safe material of unlimited durability, is not exposed to UV-rays, and is not destroyed by the sun, quite safe for the environment.
- system mobility, possibility of berths construction of any configuration and their swift alteration if necessary, advancing of the construction at any time
- possibility of elements heating for creation of slipways and footlights, cutter and yacht dry docks, swimming pools floor.
- no storms, ebbs and flows can damage the platforms for they are created specially for the sea.
- possibility of multi-purpose utilization. Various color spectrum.
- considerably improves coast sanitary state.
- no expenses for repair and painting.
- possibility of combining with the existing stationary platforms.

УAtollФ modular floating platforms are a guarantee of your success!