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“ATOLL” Modular Floating Platforms – Your Personal Constructor

Modular floating platform. Common information.
Modular platforms are modern, environmentally safe floating constructions. Major advantages of our production are assemblage and transportation easiness, constructions mobility, conversion possibility and multi-purpose utilization.
Modular floating platform is a flat mountable-and-dismountable construction consisting of separate floating elements that are clamped between each other by a special fixing-device. We are not limited to form and functionality selection due to a modular principle of surface forming.

Block element description.
Platform element consists of a hollow cubic form block of 500x500x400mm size, provided by apertures for a joint between each other that are located in the middle part to height, at the corners of block lateral surface. Block weight – 6kg.
Block platform surface one square meter under one-layer elements disposition is designed for 350kg load!
Upper works size can be adjusted from 0 to 35 cm.
Temperature range utilization is from –50оС до +50оС.
Modular floating platform assemblage.
Platform assemblage on a tank does not imply capital construction and environmental natural landscape change. You can easily locate it on any place without using any cranes, heavy techniques, special materials and tools as well as specially trained employees. All this allows you to considerably low the cost of recreation area creation. This construction does not demand special storage and reconstruction conditions after each season.
This platform is cheaper and environmentally safer than commonly used metallic pontoons.